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Halifax Nova Scotia, HALIFAX
Telephone Number: (902) 455 7800

Superstore Halifax

Young St. Market
6141 Young Street
Halifax, NS
tel. : (902) 455-7800
fax : (902) 455-6103
Spryfield Market
16 Dentith Road
Halifax, NS
tel. : (902) 477-7973
fax : (902) 477-4505
Bayers Lake Market
210 Chain Lake Drive
Halifax, NS
tel. : (902) 450-5317
fax : (902) 450-5325
Barrington St. Market
1075 Barrington Street
Halifax, NS
tel. : (902) 492-3240
fax : (902) 492-3789
Joseph Howe Drive Market
3601 Joseph Howe Drive
Halifax, NS
tel. : (902) 453-1080
fax : (902) 453-1019
Quinpool Road Market
6139 Quinpool Road
Halifax, NS
tel. : (902) 425-1498
fax : (902) 425-2794

The first Atlantic Superstore was opened in Moncton, New Brunswick in August of 1986, however the history of the parent company , Atlantic Wholesalers Limited dates back to the beginning of the 20th century.

The story of Atlantic Wholesalers Ltd. is one of progress and expansion. The company's history began in Sackville, New Brunswick in the year 1903. The company was founded by Dr. F. A. Dixon, who bought and shipped hay, and Mr. W. C. Milner, a flour and feed merchant. The two men combined their enterprises to form Eastern Hay & Feed Company Limited which was later renamed Sackville Hay and Feed Company Limited.

Service expanded, over the years, as Dr. Dixon steadily increased the number of grocery items that the company handled, experimenting with retail operations in a Sackville grocery store. Warehouses and branch offices were eventually opened throughout the Maritimes and the 1931 purchase of Morrison's Limited and the 1944 purchase of Jones-Schofield-Hatheway brought on the expansion and name change from Sackville Hay & Feed company to Atlantic Wholesalers Limited.

In 1944, Atlantic Wholesalers Ltd. acquired the Red and White franchise for New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and the majority of Nova Scotia. This was the company's first franchised group development.

In 1948, Atlantic Wholesalers Ltd. brought Cash & Carry to the Maritimes. These wholesale outlets provided small retailers with a wide variety of products in small quantities and at low prices. Between 1948 and 1951, the company acquired wholesale branches in Chatham, Truro, and Grand Falls and in 1954, the company purchased R. McGregor and Sons Limited, a wholesale operation with branches in Truro and New Glasgow. In 1958, Atlantic Wholesalers Ltd. purchased Kitchen Brothers Limited, with branches in Fredericton and Woodstock, which moved the company's wholesale operations into Western New Brunswick.

The 1956 purchase of St. George Foods Ltd., with its two supermarkets in Moncton, provided the company with first-hand experience in retail supermarket operations. These stores along with the Red & White group of stores heralded the beginning, in 1959, of the Save Easy franchise for independent, supermarket-sized stores.

By the late 1960's, the company had recognized the importance of franchised group stores and attention was given to the further development of independent retailers for group affiliation.

In 1976, Loblaw Companies Limited (a division of George Weston Limited) completed their purchase of all outstanding shares of Atlantic Wholesalers Limited. A new line of products under the no name® label were introduced to meet the needs of consumers during one of this country's worst recessions.

The 1980's brought further growth and new store formats to the Maritimes. In 1984 the unique line of President's Choice® products was embraced by customers throughout the Maritimes, giving Atlantic Wholesalers Ltd. a major advantage over its competitors.

In August of 1986, the first The Real Atlantic Superstore opened in Moncton, New Brunswick, forever changing the competitive landscape in the Maritimes. The purchase of Capitol Stores Limited also in 1986 added to the company's range of retail operations and enhanced its presence in one of the Maritime's major urban markets. Nineteen ninety-one brought the introduction of SuperValu stores to the Maritimes with the first store opening in Glace Bay, with others following throughout Cape Breton.

In a move to centralize operations, Atlantic Wholesalers Ltd. moved its corporate offices to Burnside Industrial Park in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia in 1993, with the goal of being able to serve customers more effectively and efficiently. At this time it was also decided that a major expansion plan, allowing Atlantic Wholesalers Ltd. to expand its store base and re-invest in its stores, would be implemented over the next three years.

In the spring of 1994, Atlantic Wholesalers Ltd. purchased seven Village stores from the Food Group, to expand its store base in New Brunswick.

AWL expanded in dramatic fashion in November of 1998 by acquiring the former Agora Food Merchant business, also based in the Metro Halifax area. AWL's parent company, Loblaws, purchased the wholesale, retail and distribution operations in of Agora Atlantic Canada from its Ontario parent, Oshawa Group Limited.

The wholesale and retail operations of Atlantic Wholesalers Ltd. include the following stores: Atlantic Superstore, Atlantic SuperValu, IGA, Atlantic Save Easy, Omni, Red & White, Foodtown, Foodmaster, Quik Mart, Smart Cart and Valu-Mart. Modern distribution centers in Halifax and Moncton, support the retail network, franchise group stores, large independent retailers and Cash & Carry outlets.

Today AWL Corporate and Franchise employees number approximately 11,000 in Atlantic Canada! Our philosophy can be summed up as follows: we believe we are a “Great Place To Shop and a Great Place To Work”.

For more information reference book "Atlantic Canada At The Dawn Of A New Nation" (an illustrated history by E. Boyde Beck, Greg Marquis, Joan M. Payzant, and Shannon Ryan)

The President's Choice Story how was the president's choice brand developed
Hey, that's an easy one! The President's Choice concept was developed by a talented group of food-inspired people who knew back in the mid-80s that Canadians deserved better quality food choices for their hard-earned dollars.

The premise was simple - develop unique or superior products that offered better value to our shoppers. The idea may have been simple, but few could have anticipated how Canadian consumers would come to embrace the President's Choice brand to make it one of Canada's best known trademarks.

And the journey continues - literally. On behalf of our many shoppers, "PC Insider's" travel incalculable miles (at least that's what we tell our superiors) every year investigating the new and the flavourful in the world of food. Of course, not every new product requires exotic travel. Many of our best products were created in our own test kitchen by PC Chefs and PC product developers. We also get invaluable assistance from our dedicated suppliers from all over the world. Regardless of where our inspiration comes from, the key is to strive to deliver these PC products at prices lower than the regular national brands. Of course, there are rare instances where we do charge more for our products. When this occurs, we believe that the higher price is far outweighed by the significantly higher quality of our product.

Food products are what we are best known for, but we recognize, and our shoppers agree, that this formula for delivering value works equally well in non-foods such as pet foods, household products, and lawn & garden (to name just a few).

We continue to try to provide our shoppers with meaningful CHOICE. Stay tuned, because we think the future looks even more exciting than the first 15 to 20 years have been...

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Halifax,Halifax,Nova Scotia,Halifax


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